Indoor Full Wind-Up Mound
Item OSM-2275

  • Full body construction (no shell) allows pitcher's weight to transfer directly to floor reducing mound sliding during practice
  • Level pivot area in front of rubber promotes good balance
  • Cushioned landing reduces knee and ankle strain
  • Large back area to practice pick off moves
  • Simulated rubber will not wear down
  • Will not damage or scratch gym floors
  • Great storage options
  • Two-piece Overlapping interlock design facilitates moving and storage
  • Less than 60 pounds per section.  Storage requires: 64"high x 60"wide x 15"deep  overall dimensions 114"L x 60"W x 10"H
  • All indoor applications require mound and floor to be clean and dry
  • All products are manufactured with resilient polypropylene foams and simulated rubber covering
  • NEW in 2012 smooth bottom grips great on clean floors.

$ 1095.00 plus shipping